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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely drawing on the subway! You drew it on the 1 train from Chambers to Christopher Street. I didn’t read the back until I had gotten off, or otherwise would have tipped for your work! If I see you again, will definitely do so. Thank you again. It was lovely!

  2. Hey, I just wanted to let you know how astounded I was by your quick yet accurate drawings of people surrounding you on the subway. You’re an amazing artist. It was a pleasure to meet you. I honestly felt like in that moment, I was in the presence of remarkable talent.

    Thanks for making my ride to Brooklyn such a memorable experience. Wishing you all the best. šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you so much for your drawing in the subway yesterday night between Union Square and Astor place! It was a great meeting and now it’s a beautiful memory for us!
    (despite my nose profile :p)
    You are really talented. Congratulations!
    Thank you again.

  4. It was great meeting you yesterday at the BeNew launch party. You are truly a gifted artist, and I absolutely love the drawing you did of me! I will definitely pass your name on to people I know who can use your services.

    Thanks again

    Would love to chat, since I didn’t get a chance to do so at the event

  5. Hello Orin,

    I wanted to thank you for the incredible drawing you did of me on the N subway last night. I was never expecting such a random act of art and such generosity and beauty. You turned a day that was gloomy to one of the nicest days I have had in a while. I have shown your picture and talked about you endlessly and I wish I could run into you again to tip you properly for your work. I hope you continue wit your journey and I hope to one day shake your hand in gratitude again.

  6. Hey!

    Thank you so much for the amazing drawing of us on the 6 subway last Wednesday! It was a fantastic memory for the both of us, and I (Sigurd) have proudly taken it back with me to Norway. Thank you for immortalizing our time together there! You’re an amazing artist, and you are definitively our new favorite artist!

    Once again thank you!

    • Orin, thanks for the fun brief ride on the 6 train with you. Yes, art could be simpler and more casual but makes people feel so tingly and warm inside…..you made me feel that way today in less than a minute! I will cherish the experience and, of course, your drawing! Cheers!

  7. Orin,

    We meet on the train a few week ago, I would like to book you for a job the night of MAy 30th, I sent you an email please check your email address and get back to me. If you didn’t receiv the email, please respond here with your appropriate contact information.

  8. Orin, you’re a fantastic human being and you made my day on this gloomy Monday. The drawing is beautiful- I love it. You’ve inspired me to be kinder and see beauty in everyone (even if they are on the 6 train, tired, and soaking wet)! Thank you!

  9. Hi,
    Of course I met you on the subway. I am the young girl with the English accent from Louisiana. We enjoyed visiting with you so very much for the experience. I wanted to come by your studio before leaving town but there is no address on your site. Not a big deal, you are just a wonderful person in my opinion. Great to meet you.
    Best Regards

  10. I was watching you sketch on a downtown 6 today at around 2:30. You captured a couple who hadn’t noticed you, then a cool guy with exaggerated hair (he escaped before you were finished). Then you rendered a Kuwaiti girl who couldn’t put down her phone. The last one in particular was magic. I was wearing a blue shirt and glasses but refused a sketch as I wasn’t carrying cash. You told me that you’d take my credit card but not return it.

    I was wondering if you do art for websites? A simple logo and a few courtroom scenes? I have been looking for an artist, but taking the decision seriously. Either way, I’d still like to get one of your sketches some time.

    P. Savage

  11. Orin, thanks for the drawing, which I will keep forever, along with a little bit of your light. Keep sharing your talent and energy with New York City. Hope to run into you again sometime.

  12. super sick sketch you did of me on the 6 train bro! was really wishing i had cash on me so i could tip you. i def will if i see you again. good luck and keep up the great work!

  13. Orin, thank you for taking the challenge to draw me in one subway stop! You are a special artist and I appreciate you bringing a smile to my face. I will keep you in mind in case an opportunity arrises for you and hope our paths cross again!

  14. Hi Orin,

    Thank you for the lovely drawing you did of me yesterday on the 6 train. I love it! I own a Design&Branding firm and I would love to get your contact information for possible commercial projects. Please contact me. I have a specific project I think you would be perfect for. Synchronicity is at work here! Cheers.

  15. As an actress I thought I already fully understood the importance of human connection and creativity, but what you did in the space of two stops on Monday’s 6 train ride home will stay with me forever. Thank you Orin for reaching out without prejudice, for this gift of inclusiveness which you possess and above all, thank you for the art. You made my day and I shall, from this point forward, be grateful for that one subway ride! “Happy EVERYDAY” with love x

  16. It was fun getting my sketch on the 6 train the other day, I was en route to an audition sans my headshot. Although I did try to use it as a headshot and the casting crew was happy to receive it as such, I changed my mind and asked that it be given back to me. They are playfully holding it ransom now, I thank you for arming me with the ammo to stand out! Now I need your help with contacting your friend (Kwaney?) for an actual headshot please! Glad I made it to your wordpress page, it’s as impressive as I find you to be. Thanks, Orin!

  17. Orin! I am touched by the portrait you drew of me today, in, of all places, my office building lobby. It just looks raw and energetic and well, exactly what I like, even if I can’t quite put a finger on it. I also appreciate the way you connect with your subject, something which I think comes naturally to you but which also many portrait artists fail to do. In short, it was an awesome bit of humanity in the middle of an office — you made my day. Thank you. Adam (Woody Allen)

  18. Hey Orin,

    I ran into you this morning on the Downtown 6 train. I just want to say that I was amazed and inspired by the talent man. To me there is nothing greater than art. Whether it be painting, drawing, film, music, etc. There is so much talent coming from individuals all over the world, and that is exactly what I want to showcase with my Be IL (Be Extraordinary In Life) Media Movement. Extraordinary work!!…..I shared your blog on my FB media page. Good luck and bless man.

  19. Orin,
    Thanks for the sketch on the union sq. platform/uptown 6. You’re great at what you do, don’t let this fucked up country bring you down. Keep it up man, I’ll see you around.

  20. It was a long day in heels and a dress, and as such decided the long way home from union square to the bronx on the 6 train would allow me downtime to play some mindless games on the phone. You approached me just as you were getting off, and i cant tell you how much your candid art of me not only captured my image to the tee, you gave me a,moment of surprise and joy that has become rare in many of us on the go get out of the way new yorkers. A heartfelt thank you and hope to see you again. Your talent is truly outstanding,

  21. Thanks for the subway drawing today! You did my sketch on the 6 train between Brooklyn Bridge and Union Square (unbeknownst to me until you laid the drawing next to me!). It made my day! I’ll be hanging up the drawing in my office. I should have tipped you more so should I see you again I’ll be sure to make up for it.
    Thanks again and good luck to you!

  22. Thank you for the lovely drawing. You definitely made my morning on a Manhattan bound F train from Queens. Please continue to spread your work and best of luck!

    • Hi Linda
      thank you so much for staying in touch
      I hope the new year is treating u great…If you are ever in New York please say hi ..perhaps we can have coffee …all the best

  23. Hey Orin,

    I met you almost a year ago on the Downtown 6 train. I mentioned how I was fascinated with your ability. I also mentioned that I was also an artist and a film student @ Hunter College. We spoke over the phone last summer about organizing an artist showcase in the city. I never forgot about you, this semester I’m taking a documentary course at Hunter and I was wondering if you would be willing to be the subject of a short 7-10 minute documentary?

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