Operation: Choosing Joy
Day Eighteen: A Rough Sketch
Posted on November 30, 2012 by rebeccanoelbernard Standard
images-2I entered the subway car today to the sound of two giggling ladies posed on the nearest bench. Across the aisle an artist was perched with a sketch pad, actively illustrating the lines of the first woman’s face.

Each line flowed from the tip of his pen like a brush stroke, gliding across the white paper like an efficient dance. It was fascinating to watch this artist at work. He was working under a deadline: in only two short subway stops his subject would disappear and the work would have to be done.

The economy of movement was incredible. Each moment was filled with an action that was assertively taken and never doubted. At just the right time the product was finished and handed over. The woman was outstandingly tickled at both the accuracy and remarkableness of her portrait.

It was a moment of beauty. A man sharing his gift with those around him with such pleasure it generated even more pleasure, creating a ripple effect throughout the entire train.

I left the train inspired. To find my own economy of movement and my own efficiency of action. To do what I do without doubt and with generosity.

You can find the artist that I am talking about here: https://orinstudio.wordpress.com/

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