Orin Ink Client List /A word of thanks to the Universe and to the very kind people in it who have supported my work over the last 12 years and even beyond_ORIN

I am an artist with a very clear vision of how art can inspire and of the spiritual as well as material power Art embodies. I began the Subway Series to gain direct contact, build audience and further my work.In my eyes it has been a very succesfull journey .It has been an informative and very creative 12 years.some of the personal  challenges have been letting go of expectations…letting go of my ego ..putting myself in the process and not expecting rewards letting the work itself be the reward all lessons i have been able to use in my commercial pursuits as well. Then at times accepting criticism…constructive… as well as opinions from just outright plain jealousy or “mean”spiritedness and the subtle art of learning to tell the difference ..learning to disengage from the need for praise or being destroyed by the opposite .These are great life lessons and the subway series has allowed for this .I have learned to see art through the eyes of the working class(the bulk of who make up my audience)…there interests ..sometimes total lack of it as well as there own creative ambitions and abilities  and Artist who have been the most supportive and i thank you all.-OI

Betty Newman/Benew&The Holding Corporation

Sky mgmt(realtors)

PYOT(pick your own trainers)


Beaumarchaise /Bagatelle-

Primitive Design

American Airlines/Red Rooster/Black Atlas

Black Swan gastro-pub/Assembled Spaces

Broadway Cares Fight AIDs

Ian Velardi/Hickey Freeman /GQ

Brooklyn Psychological Services

Allure Vision llc

Brown Betty Restaurent

Ginger ‘n Cream /Princess Ciel ltd

Latino Print /stock art

Fragile Boutique /Loisada

Stats Haberdashery/nyc

Sheila Buchanon* Reynald Perry and Reynal Perry Jr*Carolyn Coleman*Melissa Molinar*Melanie Harris *Patrick Clinton*Eric Willams* Guilleme Castalbajac*Benjamine Parant* Lois Samuels *Mona Klien Livingston*Wong Dowling*Jean De Boysson*Clare and Carlos Tejada*Sue Bahn*John Pasmore*Russel Miller*Daniel Shumate *Cynthia Walker*Wayne Sterling*Jayson Keeling*Genyar Ejiofer*Ml Kinnel*Edward Mohamed*James Holmes*Sacha Harford*Rommel Wilson*Gianni Teal and Lois Teal and so many more .. thank you for believing in me,I believe in you  __Orin

5 thoughts on “Orin Ink Client List /A word of thanks to the Universe and to the very kind people in it who have supported my work over the last 12 years and even beyond_ORIN

  1. Hey Orin! its Luis Santiago, the “photographer” you drew at starbucks the other day, I am trying to find a direct email so I can get you and image you might want to use on your blog. I love the blog by the way, you are a seasoned veteran!

  2. Dude, you’re really good. I’ve never seen sketches done so good and so quickly. It’s awesome what you’re doing and I just wanted to say thanks and I wish the best! You’re bound to really make it somewhere with this talent, keep at it.

  3. Hi Orin,

    I hope I have the right fellow. You were on the Broadway line Subway drawing random people on the train. If that was you, I would like to see more of your work and hear more about your experiences in illustration and photography.

    Please consider and thanks.

    Ian McKenzie

  4. Hi! my friend posted a wonderful sketch you did of her on the subway yesterday. Just wanted to tell you how kind that was, and the ex- marine/ author, soon to wed, women will remember your kindness and continue to shine her beautiful smile ( you commented on)
    Be well and keep filling this world with your amazing ART!
    Just a Northern Canadian who admires kindhearted Artists!

  5. It is people like you, art exhibitions and the masters who inspire me to at least try.

    I know when I get back to university I am going to be putting up motivational pictures at my desk: musicals, travel destinations and your small sketch among other things, to remind me to remain focussed, driven and to just create regardless of (instant) reward.

    I’m an (art) student, what i have I got to lose right now…
    🙂 🙂 🙂

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