Theo Boy -Vimeo-The dj Project -Brown Betty -Clinton Hill

the video above was made by Theo Boy …i like its look …i am not crazy about its narrative ….i find it interesting that the director chose to present a moment of violence and aggression  instead of communication and acceptance. I am a firm believer that what you put forward and in front of people will not only reflect who you the artist are but also influence your audience .I am old school perhaps in that way .The video was a project Mr Boy asked me to participate in ….i generously gave my time but in the midst of it regretted it as i did earlier with another young director Sacha Palladino …Its not personal  both directors are formidable talents but  directors especially ones who are trying to make a mark always go for the sensational aspect of the subject …when real power is in the quiet and sometimes truly banal aspect of most anyone’s life .I  guess i  just feel no one will ever tell my story the way i can .The amazing things i see daily i will have to chronicle and not expect those who do not live my experience to tell it .Its(the piece ) romantic but it is hardly my reality after doing 300.000 drawings …meeting so many people and getting such amazing response i can hardly honestly say this reflects anything near the awesome experience of sharing ones work with people …conversations with people …the heartfelt and silly moments .what i do is entertainment and a gentle reminder that we are “in” a moment with others like a good friend always says to me “I see You ”

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