when i was in Middle School i had a teacher who would let me work in her classroom ..a  remarkeable woman by the name of Mona Klein-Livingston .Mona was our art teacher and also a free-lance Interior designer.Mrs Livingston took me under her wing and helped me get my portfolio together so i could go to Art and Design High School.Well one day i am drawing in Mona’s class and one of her peers a guy named Charlie (i forgot what subject he was teaching but i felt charlie breathing over my shoulder as i finished up piece on a bit of wall mrs Livingston had apportioned each of us to celebrate the schools dance that was coming up .Charlie a bit of a snarky post-hippy en route to becoming yuppy type …thought himself really smart ..you could smell the  sarcasm pouring out of him ..he  looked at me and asked why i always drew white people..as if to insinuate that i was not culturally aware and he was about to enlighten me to that fact ,i caught onto where he was headed .Who do you know that is the complexion of this wall or  paper i asked…..

all that being i still am an illustrator in a country that is more than seventy percent European descent so i am aware that I work in a industry that caters to such taste .I have as deep a respect for European and “white “american culture as i do for my own African Diaspora .In a very competitive field ..and commercial art is a competitive field..You have to learn to create not just for yourself but for what will get you the job .You have to stand out  and be sincere .You may not be the best period but you can be the best YOU-OI



i really love old posters and magazine illustrations from french magazines of the 30″, 40’s and even 50’s .I am going to do a series of these soon.I also love  Lois Mailou Jones and Elizabeth Catlett and Jean Cocteau and go back to there work constantly as inspiration .